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2020 Annual Report

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Members' Access to Credit Union Documents

GECU is with you! Your credit union is dedicated to operating with transparency, integrity and trust for our members and community. As a member and owner of GECU, you’re able to review certain documents related to the credit union’s finances and management. You can review or request a copy of the credit union’s (1) Balance Sheet and Income Statement; (2) Most-recent annual audit completed in accordance with §91.516; (3) Board policy regarding access to Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, rules, guidelines, board policies, and copies thereof; and (4) IRS Form 990; during regular business hours. For more information, please contact the Office of the President at 915.774.8286.

Board of Directors, Advisory Directors and Committee Members are paid a nominal fee of $25 for attending the Annual Membership Meeting, the monthly Board meetings and periodic meetings of duly formed committees as authorized by TAC Rule §91.502. For current year totals and future estimated totals, please refer to the Annual Report.