GECU's Board of Directors :: 2019

GECU's Board of Directors is a local, all-volunteer group of leaders elected by credit union member-owners. GECU's Board believes in the credit union movement and philosophy of people helping people. GECU pays $25 to each Director, Advisory Director, and committee member for attending the Annual Membership Meeting, the monthly Board meetings, and periodic meetings of duly formed committees.

GECU's Board of Directors work diligently to ensure GECU remains a financially secure and safe financial institution that serves the best interest of its member-owners. We thank them for their commitment and inspired leadership.

Gregory J. Watters – Chairman of the Board
Jose Quiñonez – Vice-Chairman
Guadalupe Giner – Secretary/Treasurer
Teresa Quezada – Director
Ricardo Soto – Director
Grace Vaughn – Director
John Runkles – Director
Armando Jimarez – Advisory Director
Javier Rangel – Advisory Director
Michelle Padilla – Advisory Director

The success of any organization depends upon the strength of its management team. GECU's team, combined with their philosophy of people helping people, is the guiding force behind everything they think, say and do for you, our member-owners. From overseeing day-to-day operations, providing quality-driven member service and keeping GECU financially strong, your management team is with you every step of the way.

Management Team

Crystal Long - President and CEO
Fernando Ortega - Sr. VP - Chief Information Officer
David Solis - Sr. VP - Chief Financial Officer
Molly Daniels - Sr. VP - Chief Administrative Officer
Ceci Davila - Sr. VP - Chief Operations Officer
Hazel Kennedy - Sr. VP - Chief Lending Officer
Teresa Montoya - Sr. VP - Chief Marketing Officer
Darlene Palmore - Sr. VP - Chief Compliance Officer
Joe Underwood - Vice President, Human Resources
Chris Tompkins - Sr. VP - Chief Commercial Services Officer
Lettie Ramos - Vice President, Mortgage
Mike Sarabia - Vice President, Internal Audit
Daniel Vasquez - Vice President, Career and Talent Development