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Travel Tips

Travel Tips - GECU Debit and Credit Cards

GECU's always on the job when it comes to protecting you and your debit and credit card transactions from fraudulent activity. Whether you're at home or traveling, GECU's transaction monitoring system is designed to help detect out of the ordinary spending patterns and unusual activity.

You could help us with these easy steps:

  1. Call GECU in advance of your travel plans toll-free at 1.800.810.2252 to let us know your plans.
  2. Provide GECU with your cell phone number. That way we could contact you wherever you are to verify flagged transactions or unusual activity.

Remember that GECU has more than 30,000 surcharge free ATMs as part of our ATM Co-op Network nationwide to serve you.

Look for the Visit our one of our Co-Op Locations! logo for participating ATMs.

In addition, you can monitor your accounts on GECU's Online Banking and with GECU Mobile Apps 24/7. Contact GECU immediately if you notice any unusual activity.

We hope that you have a safe and enjoyable journey. At GECU, no matter where you are, we're with you!