Bill Pay

Bill Pay

The Bill Pay features in your GECU Mobile App allow you to conveniently manage your bills so that you can focus on what matters most! Use the features that you’ve enjoyed from GECU Online Banking right on your phone anytime, anywhere.

  • Schedule and manage automatic payments
  • View payment history
  • View, add and delete eBills

Schedule automatic payments

1. Select the payees tab and then select the desired payee. Select automatic payment.
2. Under automatic payments, fill out the necessary sections (amount, frequency, start date, etc.) and then click done. An automatic payment will be added to the payee.

Modify automatic payment

To modify an automatic payment, you must delete the existing payment and create a new one. Select the desired automatic payment under the payee and you'll see the following screen. You can then turn off or delete the existing automatic payment and create a new one.

View payee history

Select payment history under the payee's section to view all past statements.

View eBill

1. Click Menu (Android — icon with three lines, iPhone — button on bottom menu) and then click Bill Pay. A new, updated screen will appear.
2. Click the Payees tab to view eBills. Existing eBills are marked with an "e".

Add eBill

1. Under the Payees tab, click on the desired payee to add an eBill or to create one if it's not on the list.
2. Select eBill and the system will redirect you to the payee's site. Fill out the required fields and your eBill is ready.

Delete eBill

1. Click on an existing eBill (marked with an "e").
2. Select eBill and you'll see buttons to make a payment, view statement and stop eBill.
3. Select Stop eBill and click yes to confirm. Your eBill will be canceled.

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