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Money Management


With GECU Money Management*

GECU Money Management is a new product now available in GECU Online Banking that allows you to easily oversee and manage all of your financial accounts, spending and budgeting - all in one place!


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  • All of your accounts at GECU will be added automatically
  • Add external accounts, including retirement, loans and investments
  • Add assets, such as real estate and vehicles


  • Automatically categorized
  • Can re-categorize, add subcategories and split transactions


  • Pie chart displays spending
  • Can drill down to transaction level per category and subcategory


  • Automatically creates first budget based on the last 90 days of spending
  • Display as green, yellow or red bubbles; size shows relative amount
  • Add and edit budgets


  • Track spending in each category over time
  • Deep dive into data in multiple ways
  • Visually compare spending with income


  • Prioritize your debt based on different criteria, using the Debt Snowball Strategy
  • See what happens when you pay more than the minimum payment
  • Pay your debt down faster

Net Worth

  • Track the net sum of all assets and liabilities
  • Monitor your overall financial progress
  • Drill down to see what makes up your gains and losses


  • Set savings, debt and retirement goals
  • Set how much you'll put towards that goal each month
  • Change amounts to see how long it will take you to reach each goal


  • Alerts go to your notifications and are sent through email and/or text message
  • Set up either Simple Alerts or Detailed Alerts
  • Detailed Alerts — select specific accounts and amounts


FinanceWorksTM became GECU Money Management*

What migrated from FinanceWorksTM?

While most of your account information for both internal and external accounts will be automatically migrating to GECU Money Management from FinanceWorksTM, including the names, account types and balances, there are some limitations that you should be aware of.

  • We will migrate up to 18 months of transaction history for all accounts
  • For security reasons, we are not migrating external-account login credentials. You will see an error message in GECU Money Management that will walk you through providing your login credentials to add your external accounts.
  • Transaction categories will not be migrated, allowing the Money Management auto-categorization processes to correctly categorize the transactions with more accuracy.
  • Budgets will not be migrated, letting you use the one-click automatic generation of budgets based on the improved transaction categorization.
  • Alerts will not be migrated, but you can easily set up both email and SMS text alerts** within Money Management.
  • Goals will not be migrated, encouraging you to set up not only debt-payoff goals but savings and retirement goals as well.

Are there any new features?

Of course! In addition to the award-winning user interface, there are a variety of new features, including…

  • Improved category-level trends
  • Debt-payoff forecasting
  • Detailed net-worth analysis and tracking
  • Expanded goals, including debt-payoff, savings and retirement goals
  • Cash flow calendar
  • Text and email alerts
  • Auto-categorization significantly improved from 65% in FinanceWorksTM to 90% in Money Management
  • Guaranteed, fast and expert human response directly from Money Management within a business day for support requests
  • Account details that are refreshed both nightly, as done on FinanceWorksTM, and real-time refresh when you log into Money Management


Feature FinanceWorksTM GECU Money Management
Outside-account widget on home page X X
Spending widget on home page X
Budget widget on home page X
Aggregate outside accounts X X
Quick peek X X
Autocategorization success rate 63% ~90%
History X X
Split transactions X X
Tag transactions X
Add notes/memos to transactions X X
Adding subcategories X X
Flag and view business transactions X X
Spending chart X X
Budgets X X
Goals X
View trends X
Debt-payoff calculator X
Net worth X X
Email alerts X X
Text alerts X

What is changing?

There are a variety of things that are improving or changing within Money Management, such as…

  • The Spending widget on the home page replaced with an interactive Budgets widget
  • Tax Watch replaced with broader categorization reporting, including not only charitable donations and child care expenses, but every other category as well
  • Access to Money Management from the GECU Online Banking menu, and also from the Outside Accounts and Budget widgets on the home page


What is similar?

Many of the existing FinanceWorksTM experiences will continue to be available in Money Management, but with a completely redesigned look and feel.

  • Access to Money Management from the GECU Online Banking menu, and also from the Outside Accounts and Budget widgets on the home page
  • External account aggregation
  • Significantly improved automatic categorization of transactions, including the ability to split categories, add subcategories, and flag a transaction as a personal or business transaction
  • Spending, including smart automatic creation of budgets based on spending history
  • Email alerts

*GECU is federally insured by NCUA.
**No charge to access these services from GECU. Standard text messaging and data rates may apply.