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Your new GECU Debit Cards

GECU is excited to announce our newly designed GECU chip-enabled debit cards. Our new debit cards add an additional layer of security when you use it at merchants with chip-compatible terminals. Choose between the Empowerment debit card or El Paso Chihuahuas' debit designs.


What will you need to do?

Activate it as soon as it arrives and begin to enjoy all of the benefits of your GECU debit card with an additional layer of security.

  1. ACTIVATE your new card by calling 1.888.691.8661 from your phone.
  2. SET UP YOUR PIN by calling 1.888.891.2435. Any four-digit number will work.
  3. CUT UP and destroy your old card after you activate your new one.
  4. NOTIFY MERCHANTS of your new card number for all automatic payments.

Set up your pin today! Many retailers/merchants may require you to use a PIN to complete your transaction. Your old PIN will not transfer over.


How To Use Your Card

Using your chip-equipped card is easy!

  1. Simply insert your card in the terminal with the chip up and leave it in until the transaction is complete.
  2. The terminal will ask you to verify the amount.
  3. You may be required to sign or enter your PIN to the transaction. A PIN will be needed to use an ATM.
  4. When the transaction is complete, the terminal will ask you to remove your card. Take it out of the terminal and you're on your way!

Here is a quick 'How to' video on using a chip-enabled terminal


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to set up a PIN?
A: Yes, retailers/merchants may require you to use a PIN to finalize your transaction.

Q: Will the chip card require a PIN?
A: A PIN is required when using an ATM. Retailers, who have not required PINs in the past, may require them now when running your debit card as a debit transaction.

Q: Am I able to use my current PIN on my chip equipped debit card?
A: Your previous PIN did not automatically transfer over. You will need to set up a PIN after activating your debit card. The PIN can be any four-digit number.

Q: How do I set up a PIN?
A: Setting up your PIN is easy. Call 1.888.891.2435 to set up your 4-digit PIN.

Q: How does a chip card work compared to my current card?
A: Chip cards provide an added layer of security. If the retailer or merchant accepts chip cards, simply insert your card and wait until you are prompted to remove your card. Chip card protection is designed for situations where you are physically using the card at the point of purchase, in places like grocery stores and other retail locations.

Q: Do all retailers/merchants accept chip equipped debit cards?
A: The number of chip-enabled terminals is increasing which will require you to insert your card into the terminal, rather than swipe it as you do today. Since it will take some time for all retailers/merchants to transition, your new card will have both the new chip technology and the magnetic stripe, which will still allow it to be swiped, if needed.

Q: Will my old card still work? Is my old card still safe until my new one arrives?
A: Your current card will still work safely and securely. Your previous card will be turned off once your new card has been issued, so make sure to activate your new card as soon as it arrives.

Q: Can I request a chip card now?
A: You won't need to request a chip equipped debit card. We will automatically mail your new chip-equipped debit card in early 2017 at no cost to you. Activation instructions and security information will be sent with the debit card. To ensure delivery, please be sure that we have your most recent address on file.

Q: Will my card number change?
A: Yes, your new card will have a new card number. We provided a new number as an additional security measure built into the chip card rollout. GECU is excited to bring you a new card design and an added layer of security. To avoid inconveniences, make sure to update your card information with any merchants who have it on record.

Q: Do I need to update information for my recurring charges and payments?
A: Yes, please update your new card information with any merchants you have set up with automatic charges.