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We’re excited to announce the winners of the ImagineU by GECU™ and EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee! Through the generous donation of $10,000 by the GECU Foundation, the Financial Literacy Bee scholarship opportunity was made possible for the third year in a row. Students across Texas and New Mexico were able to build their financial knowledge for healthy financial futures.

Students learned about saving, budgeting and investing. They submitted an essay highlighting their savings goals and their plans to achieve them for the opportunity to win a $1,000 scholarship. More than 1,400 students participated in the Bee, including students at the middle school and elementary school levels.

“We’re excited for the Financial Literacy Bee scholarship winners. We know that these scholarships will help them achieve their dreams of higher education,” said Ruby Alvarez, Vice President of GECU Community Development. “The financial knowledge that students gained through the Bee will be an invaluable resource that will empower them in their futures.”


Kristian Campa, Silva Health Magnet High School
“Thanks to the Financial Literacy Bee scholarship, I can achieve my BSN and follow my passion for healthcare and helping others. And will allow me to save money on my education which I could [put] toward other things such as books and supplies. I could not be more grateful to be a scholarship recipient for this award.”

Anthony Carrasco, Pebble Hills High School
“The most valuable thing I learned doing this Financial Literacy Bee was how to budget and save money.”

Isaac Bartolo Martinez, Silva Health Magnet High School
“Learning about money is among the most rewarding and important decisions one could take because money is an indispensable tool that directly affects our quality of life in our contemporary society. Therefore, if we become knowledgeable of the ways that money works, we can make an important impact not only on our lives, but also on the lives of our future generations.”

Camila Ponce, Eastlake High School
“I plan to use the scholarship money toward a savings account, so the money is accessible [when I go to] college.”

Elaine Do, Franklin High School
“I plan to use the scholarship money to help me obtain an undergraduate degree in biology so I can achieve my childhood dream of becoming a dentist. This money will help me enjoy my college experience as I can have more time for studying and connecting with others without having to constantly worry about lack of funds.”

Sebastian Soto, Del Valle High School
“The most important takeaway while participating is the ability to know how to effectively, safely, and responsibly manage money.”

Congratulations to all of the Financial Literacy Bee winners! Click here to start building your financial knowledge with ImagineU by GECU.


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