New & Used Auto Loans

We’re Here to Answer Your Auto Loan Questions
  • Do you offer used vehicle loans?
    Yes, GECU offers vehicle loans for used and new cars as well as trade-ins.
  • What are the auto loan rates?
    GECU offers competitive auto rates. View our competitive auto loan rates.
  • How do I get started to apply for an auto loan?
    You can apply online now for a new or used auto loan or call us at 1.800.772.4328.
  • Does GECU work with any dealerships?
    When it comes to auto loans, we work with many dealerships throughout Texas and New Mexico. View the list of dealerships we work with.
  • Do you refinance vehicles?
    Yes, we can refinance vehicles that are currently financed with other lenders. We offer competitive auto loan rates.
  • Am I able to have a co-borrower on the car loan?
    Yes, co-borrowers and/or joint applicants are able to apply to be on the loan.
  • I am purchasing a vehicle from a family member/friend, would I be able to get a used auto loan for the purchase?
    Yes, GECU does finance vehicles from person to person. Apply online for a new or used auto loan today.
  • What is LTV?
    LTV stands for loan to value, which is the amount of loan compared to the value of the auto.
  • Do I need a down payment to be approved for a vehicle loan?
    A down payment is determined at the time of application. Some vehicle loans may not require a down payment to be provided.
  • Can I get approved for a new or used auto loan before I pick out my car?
    Yes, we can provide you a preapproved auto loan certificate that you can take to area dealerships for the new or used car loan.
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