Auto Dealer Sale

Dick Poe and GECU can Save You Money*!

Dick Poe Chrysler-Jeep, Dick Poe Dodge Ram and GECU have been saving El Pasoans money for over 75 years! And, they're joining forces again for a huge vehicle sale at Dick Poe Chrysler-Jeep and Dick Poe Dodge-Ram.

GECU's low auto loan interest rates* with Dick Poe's new Chryslers, Jeeps, Dodges, Rams, 500 used cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, is an event you simply can't miss!

Dick Poe and GECU can save you money!

  1. Check loan rates
  2. Research and compare
  3. Check New v Pre-owned vehicle pricing
  4. Check insurance quotes
  5. Shop your local dealers
  6. Check your credit
  7. Calculate your payment
  8. Apply now

Car Buying Tips

  • Make car shopping easier with these guidelines.
    • Shop and price automobile insurance to include liability, comprehensive and collision insurance.
    • Order your free annual credit report to check your credit history and credit score at
      • Car loan interest rates are based on your credit score.
    • Estimate your vehicle payment with GECU’s loan calculator.
    • Visit to find out the condition and history of the car. Estimate the value with
    • Prices are negotiable – shop around, look at different vehicles, visit dealer websites.
    • Find the best rate and take advantage of all rebates and dealer incentives when available.
    • Financing extras to protect your vehicle and your loan will add to your monthly payment. Discuss the benefits and the costs with the dealership. These include,
    • Service agreements
    • GAP insurance
    • Life and disability insurance.**
    • Figure in monthly costs for maintenance, servicing and fuel usage.
    • Understand the loan details, including amount financed, term, interest rate and payment amount before signing.

*All loans subject to approval. Rates and terms based on borrower’s credit qualifications and subject to change. Other conditions apply. Membership eligibility requirements apply.