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Community Development Story

Community Development Staff

At GECU Community Development our mission is to help families build a stronger financial future. Whether you want to pay off debt, buy a house, or learn how to manage your money-we will support you all the way with products and services that help you get to where you want to be. Together, we're building a brighter tomorrow.


Don't Pay To Get Your Tax Refund

Every year, our trained volunteers help thousands of hard-working families and individuals receive their full tax refund, free of charge. Our private and public partners accomplish this through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program which enables to provide tax assistance like:

  • Electronic tax-preparation
  • Assistance with Individual Tax Identification Numbers
  • Referrals to the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic
  • Workshops on tax rights and obligations

Take advantage of these services and use your tax refund to build a better financial future!
To learn more about the VITA program click here
To learn what documents you need to file your taxes click here
To register as a VITA tax volunteer click here

Host a VITA night at your place of business!

Take Control of Your Finances

If you want to make a budget, buy a home or repair your credit we can help. Use our free financial calculators and worksheets to help plan day-to-day expenses and your long term goals. Our financial coaches can provide credit counseling and help you make a personalized plan to achieve your goals! Schedule an appointment with one of our financial coaches.


Financial Calculators and Worksheets

Whether you're ready to purchase a home of your own or plan for a comfortable retirement, these calculators will help point you in the right direction. Applying for a loan? Start here to see how much loan you can afford without stretching your budget.

Loan Calculator
These online calculators are available for mortgage affordability, personal finance, investments, retirement planning and leasing affordability. Loan Calculator


Retirement Calculator
How much do you need for retirement? Our retirement calculator will show what you'll need to save each year to reach your retirement goals.
Retirement Calculator


Savings Calculator
Whether you're planning for something special or saving for a rainy day, our savings calculator can help you develop a manageable plan to meet your needs.
Savings Calculator


Budget Worksheet
Are you ready to get a handle on your monthly expenses? What about retiring that credit card debt? You're on the road to financial responsibility and independence with our interactive budget worksheet. Budget Worksheet

Get a copy of your credit report here:

Free Financial Education

GECU Community Development offers free financial education seminars for the entire community. Our seminars can help you build your financial skills and reach your goals. We can even bring the seminar to your neighborhood or community center! To attend a seminar or schedule one, contact us today at communitydevelopment@gecu.com or call 915-774-2160.

 See Upcoming Seminars


Build A Better Tomorrow - Buy Your Very Own Home!

From planning expenses to buying a home, we can help you build a better tomorrow. When it comes to buying a home, knowing the process is important. Take our Financial Education and Homeownership seminar to learn everything you need to know to buy a home of your own. If you're a first time homebuyer, completion of this seminar may qualify your for up to $26,500 in home purchase assistance*. Get started today! Find a Financial Education and Homeownership seminar near you.

We offer up to $26,500 in home purchase assistance* and have 10 beautiful homes available for qualified borrowers. Homes are available on a first come, first served basis so get prequalified today!

  • With maximum assistance, cost of the homes are $119,500. 
  • Choose floor plan, lot, tile and other customizations. See the floor plans here.
  • All major appliances included.
  • You may also qualify for help with closing costs.

Whether you're buying your first home or your third, we have the resources to help you. Contact us today to get started!

* The Home Purchase Assistance Program is on a first-come, first-served basis, and is subject to credit qualification, income criteria and periods of affordability. The program is part of an NSPII grant from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. To be eligible for the program, household income must be at or below 120 percent of area median. (For example, in 2017 to receive up to $26,500 in home purchase assistance and up to 3% of purchase price in settlement costs, a family of four could have a gross income of $62,900 to be eligible at 120% of median income.) The homeownership assistance also includes a minimum period of affordability determined by the amount of assistance a borrower receives: five years for up to $15,000, 10 years for more than $15K to $40K, and 15 years for more than $40K. To be eligible, the borrower must attend a four-day Homeowner Workshop (FEH) from a HUD-approved housing-counseling agency, attend an NSPII orientation at EPAH, and pay a minimum of 3% of purchase price for down payment. Other conditions apply.