Our efforts to better serve you never stop, so we've enhanced the way you manage what matters most with an upgraded phone system! Review your account information 24/7 with an audio-response system, speak with live GECU representatives during business hours for issue resolution, and use a brand-new callback feature — all under one phone number.

For added security, you will need an audio PIN to access the audio-response system. Your current audio PIN and other account access information will stay the same.

Please start dialing 915.778.9221 to complete all your banking transactions and even to apply for loans!* To request your audio PIN, use the GECU Chat at or call 915.778.9221!


You can securely manage your accounts 24/7 at or with the GECU Mobile App. You can even sign up for Text Alerts so you can stay on top of large deposits or withdrawals, loan payment reminders, and balance updates. Visit your nearest branch to set up your account today!


Q: Why is GECU enhancing the telephone system?

A: We've enhanced our phone system to offer you a new audio-banking experience. Our upgrade will allow members to review their account information with an audio-response system and apply for loans 24/7, speak with live GECU representatives for issue resolution during business hours, and even use a brand-new callback feature when waiting periods are longer than usual — all under one phone number, 915.778.9221.

Q: What is the new callback feature?

A: If you experience longer-than-normal wait times, the system will give you the option to leave a phone number so that we can call you when it's your turn and at your convenience. This will save your place in the queue, so you can focus on what matters most!

Q: What if the system doesn't call me back?

A: Our new telephone system will track members in the queue, whether they're waiting or using the callback system. As soon as it's your turn, the system will automatically call you at the number you provided and ask for you.

Q: What is happening with the existing audio-response system?

A: The existing audio-response system is being enhanced with our new audio-response system to offer secure banking 24/7. A few menu options and the phone number will change, but the account access information will remain the same.

Q: Is an audio PIN the only thing that I will need to have to be able to access my accounts?

A: For added security, the system will require your GECU member number or your social security number and audio PIN to access your accounts.

  • Members are able to request their GECU member number with a GECU representative by calling 915.778.9221 or visiting any of our locations.
  • If you need an audio PIN, you can request it via the GECU Chat at or by calling 915.778.9221.

Q: Is the audio PIN needed to use the audio-response system the same one as my debit card PIN?

A: Your debit card PIN is different from your audio PIN. If you do not know your audio PIN, you can request it via the GECU Chat at or by calling a GECU representative at 915.778.9221.

Q: If I already use the current audio-response system, will I need to request a new PIN?

A: No, if you are a current audio-response system user, your account access information will not be affected. Please start dialing 915.778.9221 beginning in October.

Q: Is the new audio-response system available in Spanish?

A: Yes, this system is available in both English and Spanish.

Q: What if I do not have a SSN to verify my membership?

A: If you do not have a SSN, you will still be able to verify using your GECU member number. You can request your member number with a GECU representative by calling 915.778.9221 or visiting any of our locations.

*All loans subject to credit qualification and approval. Certain fees and conditions apply. Learn more about how you can join. Click here.